Friday, May 11, 2018

Excerpt from The Death Merchants #1: The Ways of Killing Men

Max grinned cynically to himself.

Be careful – one day you may find that you’ve become a parody of your own life…

Max did not engage the Enforcers. Only brute force would provide him with an escape route, which he now needed every bit as much as did his prey. May as well let Emprada’s men do the heavy lifting! He knelt without hurry as an Enforcer threw a volley of 9mm rounds in his direction peppering the Cadillac Escalade that Max used for cover. Inside, the driver threw the big truck into Park and dived to the floorboards as his windshield spider-webbed and showered glass inward.

“You ok, boss?” Beti’s voice climbed into Max’s brain from the earphone in his left ear.

“Roger that,” he answered calmly, holstering the big Auto Mag and prepping the HK.

“Emprada will beat feet toward the Embassy. His people will clear the path. We could use a diversion to get the attention of the Secret Service. They’re all over the South Lawn.”