Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Death Merchant #9: The Laser War

A Secret Superweapon

While fighting their most recent war, the Israelis captured an Egyptian intelligence agent.  From him they learned that during World War II the Nazis had developed a laser weapon with capabilities far in advance of even the most modern designs.  The Israelis want that weapon - all the nations of the world do!

Known as die brandwunde, a test model is still in existence.  Where?  The Egyptian doesn't know.  All he knows is what a Nazi war criminal told him: that the laser death ray machine is buried in the sands somewhere in northeast Libya.  Do the Russians know about the device?  No, but the Libyan intelligence service does!  This means that the Libyan dictator and his boys are also searching for die brandwunde.

Locating the superweapon is a job too big for the Israelis to handle by themselves, and they turn to Uncle Sam.  The CIA.  The Central Intelligence Agency calls in Richard Camellion, the Death Merchant.

He is to find die brandwunde, dig it up, and bring it out.  Fast.