Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Death Merchant #7: The Castro File

A Battle for Power...

...between the Russians and the Cubans must be averted, and only the Death Merchant can prevent it.  Even the Central Intelligence Agency believes that our hope for a free Western Hemisphere rests in Richard Camellion's hands.  He must keep Fidel Castro from being killed and replaced with an exact double, a Russian agent who intends to deliver Cuba into the Kremlin's hands.The Russians want to use Cuba as the main base for all revolutionary activity in South America, and Castro refuses to go along with them.  He's making peace overtures to the United States and doesn't want to be held responsible for the violent upheavals due in the south.

The plans were made.  Richard Camellion would enter Cuba under a Canadian passport, posing as a left-wing Castro supporter.  Then somehow, he would try to contact those who could help him save Castro.

But if Camellion was caught by the Cuban Army Intelligence - Castro's own men - who knew nothing of the scheme, he would be as dead as if he were discovered by the GRU.