Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Death Merchant #6: The Albanian Connection

The Spider Web...

The Death Merchant becomes entangled in a deadly web, when he intercepts a Spider agent in London, kills him, then takes his place.

The master of disguise and deception must use all of his skill to defeat Spider's plan to assemble nuclear rockets at Falcon I - a base hidden deep inside a cave in the treacherous North Albanian Alps.  He must act quickly, because the Nazis who have formed Spider are ready - ready to demand German reunification through the United Nations organization, and ready to destroy Albania with nuclear weapons if their demands are not met!

The men at Falcon I are experts in death by modern technology; they learned their trade at Peenemunde making rockets for Hitler's conquest of the free world.  Now they're trying again - with only Richard Camellion between them and hellish success.

He is only one man - alone against a fiendish plot - but he is the incredible Death Merchant!

The web grows tighter by the minute - the Spider vs. the Death Merchant.