Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Death Merchant #4: Chinese Conspiracy

Richard Camellion

For years he'd had a working arrangement with death.  He is the master of disguise, deception and destruction - also known as the Death Merchant.

Now it's a race against time - with a deadline of murder - because the head of Project Toro, the government's program to put a space shuttle into operation before the end of the year, has been kidnapped from Cape Kennedy.  The CIA believes that the Chinese are responsible.  So do the Russians.  Their top espionage group, the GRU, is working with the Americans to find Dr. Goddard and the secrets of his brilliant mind holds before it is too late for Western civilization.

The man who planned the ruthless project is ex-Nazi General Hans Hugo Kronsleiter, who runs a "private" spy group for Red China.  Can he be prevented from taking Goddard out of the US to Canada and then to China?

A job for the Death Merchant!