Saturday, June 18, 2016

Death Merchant #36: The Cosmic Reality Kill

The Cosmic Reality Church, a powerful religious cult that has overrun the United States, is brainwashing impressionable kids and teaching them not only to blindly obey their madman-leader, the self-ordained Reverend Hannibal Frimm, but to believe that all who do not support their church are the enemy.  And according to "His Oneness and Onlyness", enemies of the church must die.  Toward that end the "Frimmies", literally brainwashed by North Korean methods of mind-murder, are being secretly trained in karate, sophisticated firearms, and explosives.

The most outspoken enemy of the cult is Everett Padden, a dedicated deprogrammer of misguided children and Camellion's old friend.  When Padden is brutally murdered, the Death Merchant, with the help of a young, off-duty CIA agent, infiltrates the cult.  His job: smash and destroy the dangerous, maniacal Reverend Frimm and save the children from the evil of the self-serving, self-styled savior.