Saturday, June 18, 2016

Death Merchant #32: Deadly Manhunt

Someone is after the Death Merchant!  Somehow, his cover has been blown; his disguises penetrated; his multiple identities exposed.  He has become the hunted instead of the hunter. Richard Camellion is fighting for his life!

His enemies are legion, but so far no one has been able to tie the feared and hated "Death Merchant" to private citizen Richard Camellion.  Except that someone did.  And that someone seems to be in three different places at once, to have a hundred eyes, and be as well trained in firearms, Oriental martial arts, poisons and electronics as Camellion himself...someone who thinks like the Death Merchant, and is always one step ahead of him - or behind him...

But the Death Merchant's true identity is known only to a carefully selected few.  And that means that someone Camellion knows has betrayed him.