Saturday, June 18, 2016

Death Merchant #28: Nipponese Nightmare

The United Red Army, a terrorist organization operating in Japan, has dedicated itself to a world-wide revolutionary war in which the "exploited" masses of Asia, Africa, and Latin America will rise in concerted rebellion against their own governments and US "imperialism".

In order to plunge the world into turmoil and set nation against nation, the URA plans to assassinate key international figures and blow up their embassies.  Then the Kompei, the Japanese intelligence service, learns that the URA also plans to assassinate the President of the Philippines and the Emperor of Japan, and blame the murders on the CIA!

Only one man can stop the insidious world revolution - Richard Camellion.  Ordered to smash the Red Army completely, the Death Merchant dips into his bag of deadly tricks to save the United States - and the world - from the ultimate disaster!