Saturday, June 18, 2016

Death Merchant #24: The Kronos Plot

Accion Cubana (Cuban Action), a CIA-backed anti-Castro organization, has learned that Fidel Castro and his military intelligence apparatus, the DGI, have hatched up a deadly scheme involving the Panama Canal.

The CIA investigates and finds out that the Cuban code name for the operation is Kronos.  The plot: Castro is planning to blow up two ocean-going vessels in the main locks and destroy the Panama Canal with tons of high explosives.  They are worried because Cuban Intelligence, as a result of 'de-Castroization" is under the firm control of the Soviet Union.  This means that the Kronos plot has the stamp of approval of the KGB!

Join Richard Camellion, the Death Merchant, as he fights his way through Panama, battling not only the Cuban secret police, but agents of the Panamanian National Department of Investigation as well.  It's a plot spawned in hell!  The Death Merchant knows what he must do - smash the Kronos plot before the canal is destroyed!