Saturday, June 18, 2016

Death Merchant #23: The Budapest Action

The United States Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has received information that Hungarian scientists are working on a new weapon, NK-hk-4, a powerful hallucinogen gas that, if dispersed within a city, could neutralize the entire population for as long as two weeks.  The advantage of this super-weapon is that it would leave all buildings, hardware, and commercial facilities intact.

The DIA has only been able to get two leads: the hallucinogen gas has almost been perfected, and the project is under the directorship of Imre Maleter, a top Hungarian biochemist.

Do the Russians know what we know?  Will the KGB get to NK-hk-4 before we do?

Join Richard Camellion, the Death Merchant, as he fights his way through Budapest, determined to get to Karolyi Castle in the Bakony Mountains, where the gas is being developed.  He's racing against the Russians, in search of the formula that could immobilize the world!