Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Death Merchant #20: Hell in Hindu Land

Nightmare in India

Incredible espionage reports have been pouring into the CIA.  It seems that there is a mysterious, secret room in a Buddhist monastery in India - a room that contains secrets "from the stars".  Rumors include mention of ancient astronauts, and of a "bio-plasm" force that can defy gravity!  Other intelligence tells of a "psychotronic generator" that can harness the energy of the human mind.

The Pentagon is concerned because Soviet KGB boss, Major Kondrashev has discovered the location.  The CIA cannot afford to ignore this report, no matter how bizarre it sounds.  If only partly true, the potential value of these ideas to a world power like Russia could be disastrous to the USA...possibly the free world.

Another mission for Richard Camellion, the Death Merchant!

Join him as he battles his old nemesis, the KGB, and the deadly Indian tribesmen of Raj-mahal to locate the secret room - and prevent the vital information from becoming an enemy weapon.