Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Death Merchant #13: The Mato Grasso Horror

Green Hell

Deep in the steaming jungle of Brazil, a secret enclave of ex-Nazi's worked feverishly to perfect the ultimate biological warfare weapon.  And somehow they had reduced the Carajas Indians, a tribe of savage headhunters, into servitude.

By sheer chance, Hamosad - Israeli Intelligence - in hot pursuit of German war criminals, stumbled upon this bizarre collection of misfits.  Recognizing their limitations, they turned to the CIA, which called upon the services of the Death Merchant, the only man capable of aborting the dream of future "Reich Glory"!

Leading a small "anthropological" expedition into the sweltering Mato Grosso, Richard Camellion knew that his chances of survival diminished the deeper he penetrated the jungle.  But even his wildest imaginings could not prepare him for the blood-draining horrors that awaited him.