Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Death Merchant #10: The Mainline Plot

The "H" Bomb!

But this time "H" means heroin, and a super-potent strain has been developed exclusively for the US market.  The North Korean Communists, who have refined this sinister, one-shot-and-you're-hooked drug, intend to enslave a generation of Americans.

Wreck the youth of a nation and you wreck its future.  Simple.  The plan is diabolical, seemingly foolproof.

Can the Death Merchant concoct a special strategy to counteract this fiendish plot?  Can one man - however brave and ingenious - hope to win against the combined might of the mafia and the North Korean Reds?

Richard Camellion has an idea...and as the master of death and deception, he specializes in the impossible.