Saturday, June 18, 2016

Death Merchant: Apocalypse

A dark cloud hangs over the free world.  Somewhere in the Aegean Sea, the Soviets are building the most powerful transmitter known to man.  If successful, it will control the jet streams and turn the world's weather into the ultimate weapon of domination - a weapon capable of plunging the West into political and economic chaos!

In desperation, the CIA sends their top agent to locate the secret island fortress.  But as Richard Camellion closes in on his target, a highly placed double agent prepares to betray him.  For the Agency has decided that success must be bought at any price - even if it costs them the Death Merchant!

Death Merchant #70: The Greenland Mystery

At a top-secret weather station, American scientists have made a shocking discovery - a mysterious city of extraterrestrial origins buried deep beneath the polar ice cap.  Already the Soviet supersub Lenin is bound for Greenland with a strike force of elite commandos.  Fortunately the CIA has dispatched their own deadly emissary to protect the defenseless post.

Richard Camellion has prepared a surprise reception for the unwelcome visitors.  Now, in the Arctic wilderness, the Death Merchant and a cutthroat band of mercenaries are poised for an explosive showdown that will convince the advancing commies that Hell itself has frozen over!

Death Merchant #69: The Miracle Mission

They called themselves the Brotherhood of Belial - a diabolical alliance of Red Brigade and Arab extremists.  Together they'd staged one of the most shocking and blasphemous acts of world terrorism: the theft of the sacred Shroud of Turin.  Someone has to recover the precious relic and teach the terrorists a lesson they won't forget.

Now the CIA has its own avenging angel.  His name: Richard Camellion. 

Only the Death Merchant could lead a strike force of Israeli paracommandos from a daring kidnapping in Damascus to a stunning air assault in Tunisia - and lead his enemies into the hellfires of Judgment Day!

Death Merchant #68: The Hindu Trinity Caper

PAL - Permissive Action Link: the President's "trigger" to the detonation of all US nuclear warheads.  Four have vanished from a high security government lab.  Now, somewhere in India, a renegade communist spy plans to give the KGB the key to America's atomic arsenal!

Enter Richard Camellion.  Posing as a harmless tourist, he leads a team of special agents on a blood-soaked manhunt from the back alleys of Delhi to the Holy Temples of Kashmir...toward an explosive showdown that will leave Uncle Sam's most powerful enemies without a hope or prayer.

Death Merchant #67: Escape from Gulag Taria

Deep in the frozen wastelands of Siberia, in an impregnable hospital fortress, a would-be defector with a powerful secret is being held prisoner.  He is a Soviet physicist whose work in weather control could give the Cold War a whole new twist.  The CIA's problem: how to kidnap him from a psychiatric staff of Soviet sadists and KGB killers.  The answer: Richard Camellion.  Who else in their right mind would lead a ragtag band of fanatic dissidents against the whole of Mother Russia and find a deadly mission the perfect chance to go a little crazy?

Death Merchant #66: The Cobra Chase

His code name is Cobra.  Behind him lies a long, bloody trail of violence and assassination.  Before him is a sinister rendezvous with the KGB.  For the Russians have developed the ultimate weapon of subversion - a ferocious AIDS-like virus targeted at America's heartland.

But the CIA has a one-man antidote: Richard Camellion.  Determined to stop his old nemesis, he will lead an international killing team on a break-neck, blood-soaked chase across Western Europe to deliver his own cure for commie terror: sudden, violent death!

Death Merchant #65: Mission Deadly Snow

Somewhere under the rich canopy of the Colombian jungle is the nerve center of the world's largest drug operation.  And right now twenty thousand kilos of cocaine are being processed for shipment to Havana - to be used as a weapon of subversion against the US.

Determined to put a stop to the plan, the CIA has established a base in Peru.  But Richard Camellion isn't satisfied with that.  For behind the cocaine, backed by the whole might of the KGB, stands a man whose name is whispered in fear, a shadowy legend.  And the chance to seek out and destroy his archenemy El Cobra is more than a challenge.  For the Death Merchant it's a sacred mission...

Death Merchant #64: The Atlantean Horror

Veliki - a Russian missile base.  Loosely translated its name means friendship.  To America it could mean World War III.

Now an amazing energy converter is being studied by top American scientists.  Its origin and composition, a mystery.  Its power for destruction, awesome.  Underlying its dread presence in the world is a prediction of nuclear holocaust that dates back to the ancient, lost city of Atlantis.  The Russians will stop at nothing to get their hands on it.

But America's got another weapon of destruction that gives it a cold, hard, deadly edge: Richard Camellion, the Death Merchant.  He will lead an assassination squad on a blood-soaked mission into frozen Antarctica that will leave America's enemies wishing they had never been born - or lived long enough to face the Death Merchant!

Death Merchant #63: The Pakistan Mission

The Russian Spetnaz - even the CIA feared them.  The Spetnaz were nothing less than special assassin-commandos trained in terror; marauders skilled in sabotage.

Now US Intelligence has discovered a seething Spetnaz base secreted in the rugged mountains of occupied Afghanistan.  Poised to ravage unsuspecting Pakistan, only thirty miles to the south, the Spetnaz will spearhead a brutal Russian drive to isolate the crucial oil fields of Saudi Arabia, and bring the oil-dependent West to its knees!

Only a miracle can strangle the impending invasion - or a master of mayhem named Richard Camellion, the Death Merchant.  He must rouse the troubled Pathan tribe of Pakistan to dare the impossible: a furtive thrust through the death-drenched Afghan frontier to surprise the Soviets and raze the savage Spetnaz base to the ground!

Death Merchant #62: The Soul Search Project

The KGB has kidnapped Cecil Montrose, an American professor whose electronic experiments may yield a means to contact spirits of the dead.  The KGB has its own use for the professor.  Richard Camellion, the Death Merchant, has got a job: pry Montrose loose from the Reds - by any means that work.

It's a cross-country dance of ambush and attack.  The Reds have a head start and Camellion has no time to spare.  He's a whirling dervish of destruction as he leads a top-notch kill team on a crusade to crack the KGB's cover.  This time he'll use every gruesome tool of his trade to exile the Reds - from the USA to the Land of the Dead! 

Death Merchant #61: The Bulgarian Termination

The Bulgarian Secret Service is offering a unique foreign exchange program.  Communists from all over the world can earn their Ph.D.'s in Assassination and Terrorism, courtesy of the KGB.

The US Secret Service is anxious to liquidate the assassin's academy before its graduates are unleashed upon an unsuspecting free world.  They dispatch Richard Camellion, American ambassador of annihilation, the Death Merchant.

In a race against the clock, the Death Merchant must dig deep into his bag of deadly tricks to abort the burgeoning evil and destroy the Bulgarian hydra...permanently.

Death Merchant #60: The Methuselah Factor

The CIA and the KGB
want the DNA from the BND...and
they'll stop at nothing to get it.

West German scientists have just discovered a way to slow the aging process in man.  A fountain of youth for those who possess it; a cauldron of death for those who don't.

When a corrupt double agent leaks the info to both sides, the race is on.  Moscow dispatches an elite squad of expert assassins.  Washington sends Camellion, the Death Merchant.

Mercenary master of munitions, masks, and mayhem, Richard Camellion turns the autobahn into a battleground; gives both the Germans and the Russians a lesson in blitzkrieg on his way to capturing The Methuselah Factor.

Death Merchant #59: The Burma Probe

Deep in the heart of Burma's thickest jungle lies the deadliest military secret of modern history.  After generations of strategic planning, the Red Chinese have grasped the vital key to world power.  In a desperate, zero-hour maneuver the Death Merchant is given the go-ahead.  Infiltrate. Destroy!

Never before has Richard Camellion encountered such brilliant defense.  No loopholes, no missing links.  The Death Merchant is slam up against terror on a scale far beyond the imagination of the average citizen, locked into a global game he knows will have only one winner...

Death Merchant #58: The Silicon Valley Connection

GA-1 - Yankee ingenuity has triumphed again, creating a revolutionary supercomputer and missile guidance system.  But in the hands of the Russians, the computer could spell Armageddon for the free world.

A specially trained group of KGB agents has managed to pull off a daring midday kidnapping of the inventor of the GA-1, Br. Burl Martin, from near his laboratory in California's famed "Silicon Valley".  Aided by a slick and ruthless motorcycle gang, Satan's Gentlemen, who "make the Hell's Angels look like Boy Scouts," the KGB plans to bring Martin to a Soviet submarine waiting off the Pacific coast.  The CIA is short on time, and even shorter on clues.

Only Richard Camellion stands to bring the scientist back alive.  But even the Death Merchant will have to use more than just his great cunning and awesome firepower to win at this deadly game of cat and mouse.

Death Merchant #57: The Romanian Operation

The breathtaking but treacherous mountains of Romania become a deadly arena of intrigue.  RSBK head, General Ion Gheorghe Constantriescu, wants to defect to the United States, and only the Death Merchant can get him out of the isolated Soviet bloc country.  Two minor obstacles, however:  Constantriescu will only leave Romania with his wife, a fiercely loyal Russian KGB agent assigned to spy on her husband.  And the General's organization is doing its damndest to capture the Death Merchant.

Chances for success are extremely slim, like "trying to get the toothpaste back into the tube", as Camellion assesses the situation.  But with a little help from a handful of Romanian freedom fighters, a monastery of Jesuit priests, a top-secret aircraft, and a deadly arsenal of weapons, the master of cunning and disguise plots an extraordinary kidnapping and escape.

Death Merchant #56: Afghanistan Crashout

"With the help of Allah," a handful of fanatic Afghanistan freedom fighters plan an all-out attack on the Soviet high command in the mountain city of Kabul.  But the odds are staggering: The Russians have twenty thousand crack troops and the most sophisticated weaponry; the rebels are poorly organized, and still depend on knives for fighting and carrier pigeons for communication.  Everyone, including the rebels, thinks that the attack will probably be a suicide mission.  Even the Death Merchant has his doubts.

But the CIA needs Richard Camellion to get two key Western spies out of the Soviet-controlled Central Prison in Kabul, a hellhole of inhuman slaughter and torture.  Only the Death Merchant could attempt such a daring rescue, but even he'll have to use more than just his great cunning and deadly firepower to pull this one off.

Death Merchant #55: Slaughter in El Salvador

The tiny Central American nation of El Salvador becomes a seething cauldron of blood as right wing death squads and leftist guerrillas engage in brutal warfare.  Civilians die by the thousands and the fragile pro-Western government teeters on the brink of collapse.

The turmoil is an opportunity for Moscow - and a deadly challenge for the Death Merchant.  Wanting neither a Moscow stooge or a bloody dictator in power, the US assigns Richard Camellion to terminate the crazed leaders of each extremist faction.

Luck won't be enough, the Death Merchant will need all the firepower he can get - because his mission will put him in the middle of a jungle holocaust.

Death Merchant #54: Apocalypse, USA!

VXB-2L6 - it's the most deadly nerve gas ever invented.  In the hands of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi it could spell death for millions of Americans.

The mad Muslim strongman has sent a crack team of Libyan terrorists and East German spies to America to carry out his plan: the poisoning of the atmosphere above the east coast of the US.  If the scheme succeeds there will be twenty-five million corpses - from New York to the nation's capitol - and the world will rock as World War III breaks out.

Only Richard Camellion stands to stop Qaddafi's lust for blood - but the Death Merchant's search and destroy mission is turning into a deadly game of cat and mouse with the terrorist team.

Death Merchant #53: The Judas Scrolls

A British archaeologist discovers twenty-seven ancient scrolls in the west Bank of Jordan.  The scrolls, written by none other than Judas Iscariot, contain information so devastating it could bring the Vatican to its knees.

Then the Palestine Resistance League steals the valuable scrolls and offers them to the highest bidder - Russia or the Vatican.  Price: $30 million.  But then the scrolls are stolen again.

This deadly game of hide and seek could undermine the entire Christian world.  Only the Death Merchant, master of cunning and disguise, can stop it.  He must penetrate the enemy dragnet and find the scrolls before the Russians do.  But now the hard part - even Camellion's not so sure he can get out of this death trap alive.

Death Merchant #52: Flight of the Phoenix

As the Phoenix X-2, an incredible cargo carrier that will change the face of the twentieth century, nears completion in Great Britain, a strange series of deaths and accidents escalate into a vile and mysterious pattern.  Camellion isn't one to believe in coincidence.  If there's anything illicit behind this X-2 operation he'll root it out and tear it apart.

The Phoenix X-2 is scheduled to make her maiden voyage, stopping at each major urban center across the globe.  It's a perfect opportunity for sabotage - unless the Death Merchant can weave together all the clues and deliver a show stopping surprise...

Death Merchant #51: The Inca File

In the deepest heart of the Andes mountains, surrounded by the thick dark jungles of Peru lie the ancient medical secrets of the Incas.  The Soviets send in a mission to get their thieving hands on this priceless information, new drugs with the capacity to increase Soviet world power one hundred percent.

The CIA hears of the Russian expedition and sends out its own team to investigate, a team that vanishes without a trace.  It becomes frighteningly clear this is no ordinary crisis - it's time for the Death Merchant to go into action, the kind of unparalleled destruction no one is ever prepared for.

Death Merchant #50: The Hellbomb Theft

Scientists call them ADM's - atomic demolition munitions.  The CIA calls them "Little A's".  Whatever they're called, everyone knows these small, easily-concealed atom bombs are the most dangerous weapons on earth.

And two have been stolen.  They're headed into the treacherous hands of Colonel Muammar Qaddafi, a crazed Muslim fanatic bent on destroying Israel and becoming King of the Arab world.  With a couple of Little A's to play with, Qaddafi won't have any trouble bringing the rest of the world to its knees.

For the sake of global survival Camellion must overturn one of the most effective power schemes of the decade - faster than he's ever worked before!

Death Merchant #49: Night of the Peacock

Communist activity brews in Yemen, a small embittered country in the heart of the explosive Middle East.

Qahtan Al Shaabi is the muscle behind Yemen, a charismatic brute with a powerful following of fanatical Arabs.  Devil-worshippers - 35,000 of them.  No piece of cake even for the Death Merchant.

The CIA wants Shaabi out of the picture for reasons of their own.  It's the kind of job only Camellion would dare take a stab at - and even he's not sure it's such a smart idea...

Death Merchant #48: The Psionics War

A psionics expert, Dr. Wayne Davis, has put the final touches on a devastating piece of equipment capable of revolutionizing US military strategy through the use of mind control and destruction.  The CIA has had its eye on Davis for years, and eagerly invites him to New York to reveal his research.  As an extra precaution, the Death Merchant is asked to meet Davis at the airport.

Neither man makes it to the rendezvous.  They vanish into the hands of the KGB.  The Soviets know a good thing when they see one, and they're all set to import Davis and his instrument of terror into their own country.  And Richard Camellion - the only man who could do anything about it is out of commission...

Death Merchant #47: Operation Skyhook

American Intelligence suddenly comes in with a shocking report that the Soviets have launched a new satellite, Voktok-1, a test version of a satellite armed with lasers far superior to anything the US has ever produced.

With lightning speed, US scientists develop a system to override the Russian frequency and gain control over Voktok-1, planning to bring the sucker down over the ocean.

The problem becomes a crisis when Voktok-1 lands in Indonesia, an island that shows every intention of keeping and using its lucky find.

The race is on.  Either the KGB nabs the satellite first, or Richard Camellion - the slickest, cruelest saboteur in the business - beats them to it.  Or the Indonesians pull a fast one, and surprise everybody...

Death Merchant #46: Blood Bath

It looks like a straightforward - if bloody - black terrorist rebellion: Southwest Africa demanding freedom from its neighbor, South Africa.  Sam Nujoma is the intelligent, well-educated leader of Southwest Africa, seemingly so devoted to his cause that no one would guess he's a direct link to the KGB, that in fact the Soviet Union is entirely responsible for the revolution.

The CIA has it figured out, though, and they want the Russians' pet project snuffed.  Kill Nujoma and Markevski, his KGB contact, and the scheme will collapse.  This has so far proved mysteriously impossible.

Desperate, the CIA calls in the Death Merchant.  His orders: kill two men no one has been able even to get close to.  Yet.

Death Merchant #45: The Rim of Fire Conspiracy

A furtive investigation by US scientists reveals a string of nuclear devices buried deep below the ocean floor - coincidentally right in line with the area most susceptible to both earthquakes and volcanoes: The Rim of Fire!

Only the Russians could have implemented such a terrifying strategy capable of destroying the entire United States - and more!  The CIA is called in, then NASA.  Finally, as the tension stretches into panic, Camellion is offered the job.

Can one man alone outwit the most far-reaching Soviet death game yet?  No one dares even think about the alternative...

Death Merchant #44: Island of the Damned

On a far-off, half-forgotten Hawaiian island, Russian scientists are hard at work, secretly perfecting an ingenious but lethal device: the BioMemory Scanner.  With this devastating mechanism at their command, the Soviets plan to monitor not only the mental activity of everyone alive today, but also of anyone who has ever existed!

With the Russians a hairsbreadth away from universal domination, even Camellion, the most efficient crime demolisher of all time, has to think twice.  Can he infiltrate and destroy a scientific stronghold of professionals who are determined to let absolutelynothing stop them from taking over the world?

Death Merchant #43: The Devil's Trashcan

FACT: The Devil's Trashcan is the nickname of Lake Toplitz in the Dead Mountains of Austria.  At the end of World War II, eyewitnesses observed the SS dumping metal cases and boxes into the lake - boxes filled with Nazi secrets that today could expose world leaders as former Nazi collaborators.  People have been searching for those secrets ever since.  Most of the people are dead.

When the CIA and the BND - West German Intelligence - attempt to lure ODESSA, the worldwide organization of ex-SS men, into the open, they use the Death Merchant as a decoy.

Richard Camellion is placed in charge of the "Cologne Historical Society" expedition that will probe the depths of the deadly lake with modern underwater devices.  Camellion knows ODESSA will sink to any level to protect the Nazi secrets buried in the mud.  Will Camellion be able to swim out alive or end up as just another dead duck?

Death Merchant #42: High Command Murder

A retired French postal worker reveals that he helped a group of Americans and Frenchmen bury 100 boxes of Hitler's gold in Brittany at the close of World War II.  He's murdered before he can tell where, and the CIA calls in Camellion.

It seems that some of the Americans were on General Patton's staff.  Did Patton know about the gold heist, and was he killed before he could blow the whistle?

Working with deep-cover CIA agents and closely in league with French terrorist groups on the trail of the gold, it's up to Camellion to double-cross the terrorists - and get the gold before they get him.  But destruction and violence bombard his every move, and the master of disguise could soon wear the mask of death.

Death Merchant #41: Shamrock Smash

A worried CIA and a frustrated SIS, the British Secret Intelligence Service, are up in arms - and it's no wonder.  The rate someone's smuggling weapons into Northern Ireland has tripled - the supply is endless, and the IRA won't stop its merciless bombing and killing.

So they call on the best undercover man around, Richard Camellion, master of disguise.

Operating as a photojournalist, the Death Merchant infiltrates Ulster's arms smuggling rackets, hangs out in Irish pubs and finds out who's been slipping what to whom.  The answers come fast and furious - it's the KGB, it's the PLO, it's even underground operations in the US.  And their agents are on to Camellion's cover.  His number's up.  It's just a matter of who gets to him first - and how he'll die.

Death Merchant #40: Blueprint Invisibility

In October 1943, the US Navy engaged in an experiment in electronic camouflage.  Navy scientists reportedly made the USS Eldridge disappear from the Philadelphia Naval Yard and within seconds reappear at the Navy base in Norfolk, Virginia.

What happened to the men aboard that ship and how this incredible feat was activated was a well guarded secret...until the entire file turned up missing.

Camellion's mission is to find out if the KGB has stolen one of Big Uncle's most important secrets.  But their perfect spy - governed by mind control - is diabolically clever, and this time Camellion may have met his match.

Death Merchant #39: The Fourth Reich

The Brotherhood: A dangerous spy and terrorist network, headquartered in an ancient castle in Scotland, financed by English and Scottish Nazi sympathizers.  Its neo-Nazi tentacles have spread throughout Europe, the United States, and South America and have even penetrated the East German and Polish governments.

The British Military Intelligence, the Federal Intelligence Service of West Germany, and the CIA have not been able to stop the Brotherhood's insidious plotting.

By the time Camellion is called in, it's almost too late and the plot too complex.  Camellion's mission is to simply stop World War III!  The atom bomb that will trigger a confrontation between the Arabs and the Jews is already enroute to its destination.  And the Cuban assassin - programmed to kill the President of the United States - has already entered the country...

Death Merchant #38: The Burning Blue Death

FACT: There is a weird phenomenon known to medical science as Spontaneous Human Combustion.  Called SHC, it is a conflagration of the human body that occurs instantly, often generating such fantastic heat that the entire body of the victim is reduced to a few pounds of ashes within minutes.

When US Senator James Franklin Wilder is burned to death; when several months later a scientist goes up in smoke, with no explanation; when a key government employee in West Germany bursts into flames, and there is no official comment; when in eight months, twelve people, all connected to high government posts spontaneously combust, the Scientific Research Division of the CIA becomes concerned.

Richard Camellion, The Death Merchant, is sent in to find out thewho, what, and why of the Spontaneous Human Combustion deaths...and he begins by placing a series of advertisements in newspapers around the world - an act that sets off a resounding chain reaction with deadly international implications.

Death Merchant #37: The Bermuda Triangle Action

Ever since 1945, the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) has been interested in the Bermuda Triangle.  That's when five TBM Avenger torpedo bombers vanished off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, Florida - without a trace.  Then there was the Martin flying boat that went in search of the five planes.  It disappeared, too.

But despite the wild rumors about the Bermuda Triangle, the ONI didn't take any action...until the Kingfisher, a US diesel submarine, was reported missing - 310 nautical miles south of Puerto Rico.  And then came the CIA report that the Cubans and the Russians were building a secret underwater base south of Jamaica...

That's when the ONI summoned Richard Camellion to execute the most dangerous underwater mission ever assigned to a single man.  His job is to locate and destroy the Russo-Cuban underwater complex - and then the ONI will see whether the strange disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle come to an end...

Death Merchant #36: The Cosmic Reality Kill

The Cosmic Reality Church, a powerful religious cult that has overrun the United States, is brainwashing impressionable kids and teaching them not only to blindly obey their madman-leader, the self-ordained Reverend Hannibal Frimm, but to believe that all who do not support their church are the enemy.  And according to "His Oneness and Onlyness", enemies of the church must die.  Toward that end the "Frimmies", literally brainwashed by North Korean methods of mind-murder, are being secretly trained in karate, sophisticated firearms, and explosives.

The most outspoken enemy of the cult is Everett Padden, a dedicated deprogrammer of misguided children and Camellion's old friend.  When Padden is brutally murdered, the Death Merchant, with the help of a young, off-duty CIA agent, infiltrates the cult.  His job: smash and destroy the dangerous, maniacal Reverend Frimm and save the children from the evil of the self-serving, self-styled savior.

Death Merchant #35: Massacre in Rome

Normally, the CIA pays little attention to mystics and other exponents of the psychic arts.  But Maria Gondozatti, a simple woman living in Rome, has been making predictions about world events that have turned out to be frighteningly accurate.  Where, and how, does she get her information?  The CIA Office of Science & Technology refuses to believe the answer lies in the supernatural, and plan to have one of their "front" organizations investigate her.  But before their parapsychologists can get to Rome, the Red Brigade revolutionaries kidnap her.

One man knows where the Red Brigade is hiding her, but he's a triple agent selling information to the highest bidder.  The CIA has got to find Gondozatti first, and strike out against the Red Brigade at the same time.
Richard Camellion is the only man for the job.  The Death Merchant's orders: Find Maria Gondozatti, and settle the Red Brigade's hash once and for all - at any cost!

Death Merchant #34: Operation Mind-Murder

In the remote frozen wastes of the North Pole region, just north of Siberia, lies Wrangel Island - remote, perhaps; but close enough to the United States to cause the CIA and other intelligence agencies some concern.  For, they learn through "spy" satellites, the island is peopled by Soviet scientists under the direction of the KGB.  There, the Russians are still holding World War II prisoners long ago listed as killed in action - but actually the subjects of inhuman medical and scientific experiments.

When the Russians begin building an enormous complex that appears to be not only a radar station but a sophisticated weather experimental base, this can only mean trouble for the free world.

In a worried Washington, the decision is made: Wrangel Island must be destroyed.  But how?  And by whom?  The choice is unanimous.  The Death Merchant - Richard Camellion - is elected to plan and execute the vital mission.

Death Merchant #33: Alaska Conspiracy

A group of giant European companies have formed "Council Six", a highly secret organization that is plotting to smash OPEC, the Arab oil cartel.  Europe imports most of her oil and is, in short, at the mercy of the Arabs.  Their plan: sabotage the Alaskan pipeline and make it look like the work of OPEC - in the hope that the US will take drastic military action against them, thereby destroying OPEC.  The US knows how devastating disruption of the Alaskan oil flow would be.  But even more devastating would be a war with the Arab states.

Only one man is crafty enough to infiltrate the deadly "Council Six" and prevent an international slaughter.  That man is Richard Camellion, the Death Merchant - man of a thousand faces, whose trigger finger is as quick as his computer mind.  But "Council Six" is diabolically clever - and this time Camellion may have met his match...

Death Merchant #32: Deadly Manhunt

Someone is after the Death Merchant!  Somehow, his cover has been blown; his disguises penetrated; his multiple identities exposed.  He has become the hunted instead of the hunter. Richard Camellion is fighting for his life!

His enemies are legion, but so far no one has been able to tie the feared and hated "Death Merchant" to private citizen Richard Camellion.  Except that someone did.  And that someone seems to be in three different places at once, to have a hundred eyes, and be as well trained in firearms, Oriental martial arts, poisons and electronics as Camellion himself...someone who thinks like the Death Merchant, and is always one step ahead of him - or behind him...

But the Death Merchant's true identity is known only to a carefully selected few.  And that means that someone Camellion knows has betrayed him.

Death Merchant #31: Operation Thunderbolt

The US has just learned that an American planeload of vacationers has gone down off the coast of North Korea, en route to South Korea.  Among the survivors picked up by the North Koreans are Dr. Douglas Hausheer and his wife.  What the North Koreans don't know - yet - is that Dr. Hausheer is a top secret scientist working on Operation Thunderbolt, an ultrasonic bomb.

Question: What will happen when the North Koreans find out what a valuable catch they have fished up from the sea?  Answer: If the information stored in Dr. Hausheer's head falls into the wrong hands, it might mean disaster to the US - possibly to the rest of the democratic world.

The CIA knows that only one man can nip the impending holocaust in the bud: Richard Camellion, the Death Merchant.  His job: Get the Hausheers out of North Korea before either one is forced to talk - or kill them both!

Death Merchant #30: The Shambhala Strike

For centuries there have been rumors of an extensive complex of caverns existing under Tibet, Bhutan, Mongolia, and Kurdistan.  And no one, so rumor has it, is allowed to enter these secret caves except worshippers of evil.  Rumor?  Perhaps.  But there are those who will swear to the existence of a fabulous subterranean metropolis called Shambhala, ruled by Rigden-Jyo-Po, "King of the World", and the untold wealth it contains.

The CIA knows that the Red Chinese and the Russians are trying to find it.  Obviously the CIA must acknowledge these rumors, and get there first.  But without openly involving the US, how can they get an expedition started?

There's only one man who can handle anything of that magnitude with the necessary subtlety - Richard Camellion, the Death Merchant.  And so, along with Vallie West, an old CIA pro, Camellion begins one of the most eerie - and deadly - adventures of his career.

Death Merchant #29: Fatal Formula

The CIA has learned  that the Russians have developed a deadly influenza strain discovered by a certain Dr. L. in a secret laboratory in the coastal city of Yalta, on the Black sea.  Mad Commie scientists are working night and day to "marry" the new strain to the more common, more easily spreadable viruses, giving them the power of life and death over the entire world.  While the CIA knows all this, they are helpless to halt the invasion of germs.

The question: Who is the one man capable of stopping this hideous epidemic before it even gets started?  The answer: Richard Camellion, the Death Merchant.  His job: Find the secret laboratory somewhere in the Crimea, destroy the formula - and make sure no one remains alive who can recreate it in the future!

Death Merchant #28: Nipponese Nightmare

The United Red Army, a terrorist organization operating in Japan, has dedicated itself to a world-wide revolutionary war in which the "exploited" masses of Asia, Africa, and Latin America will rise in concerted rebellion against their own governments and US "imperialism".

In order to plunge the world into turmoil and set nation against nation, the URA plans to assassinate key international figures and blow up their embassies.  Then the Kompei, the Japanese intelligence service, learns that the URA also plans to assassinate the President of the Philippines and the Emperor of Japan, and blame the murders on the CIA!

Only one man can stop the insidious world revolution - Richard Camellion.  Ordered to smash the Red Army completely, the Death Merchant dips into his bag of deadly tricks to save the United States - and the world - from the ultimate disaster!

Death Merchant #27: The Surinam Affair

The National Security Agency (NSA) has a new, very powerful spy satellite - WINK-EYE-1.  Its one purpose is to keep track of Soviet and Chinese missile sites, but something goes wrong and WINK-EYE-1 begins flying over the United States photographing United States missile sites!

When the satellite goes off course and crashes in the jungle of Surinam, a tiny country in northern South America, there's only one man NSA will send to find it - Richard Camellion, the Death Merchant.

His mission - to destroy WINK-EYE-1, the film, and anyone who gets in his way, before the Soviets get to it, and to save the United States from nuclear destruction!

Death Merchant #26: The Mexican Hit

Mexico has a new, sure-fire import: drugs.  The marijuana that once came into the US by the kilo now travels by the ton.  Ninety percent of the heroin arriving in America is the distinctive brown variety known as Mexican Mud.

The Mexican government once ignored this.  But the various revolutionary groups have now merged under the banner of the 23rd of September Communist League and are armed with American weapons.  Their financing?  Simple.  They sell drugs to Americans in return for weapons.  Automatic weapons.

The Federales appeal to Washington and there is only one man for the job: Richard Camellion, the Death Merchant.  An easy mission - merely halting the entire drug traffic across the border and preventing a bloody and ruthless revolution.

Death Merchant #25: The Enigma Project

Noah's Ark, of biblical legend, has been reported to be located on the top of fourteen thousand foot Mt. Ararat, the towering mountain in Turkey that overlooks the Soviet Union.  A biblical group wants to investigate and the CIA thinks that's just fine!

Enter the Death Merchant.  His job - go as a member of the Grundy Bible Institute and bring back photographs of the entire Soviet border sector with details of any secret installations.  There's just one complication: The wily Turks have allowed a Russian expedition to climb at the same time.

In the race up Ararat to the Ark the Death Merchant matches wits and brawn against the entire Soviet team making the forty-day flood of history seem dry!

Death Merchant #24: The Kronos Plot

Accion Cubana (Cuban Action), a CIA-backed anti-Castro organization, has learned that Fidel Castro and his military intelligence apparatus, the DGI, have hatched up a deadly scheme involving the Panama Canal.

The CIA investigates and finds out that the Cuban code name for the operation is Kronos.  The plot: Castro is planning to blow up two ocean-going vessels in the main locks and destroy the Panama Canal with tons of high explosives.  They are worried because Cuban Intelligence, as a result of 'de-Castroization" is under the firm control of the Soviet Union.  This means that the Kronos plot has the stamp of approval of the KGB!

Join Richard Camellion, the Death Merchant, as he fights his way through Panama, battling not only the Cuban secret police, but agents of the Panamanian National Department of Investigation as well.  It's a plot spawned in hell!  The Death Merchant knows what he must do - smash the Kronos plot before the canal is destroyed!

Death Merchant #23: The Budapest Action

The United States Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has received information that Hungarian scientists are working on a new weapon, NK-hk-4, a powerful hallucinogen gas that, if dispersed within a city, could neutralize the entire population for as long as two weeks.  The advantage of this super-weapon is that it would leave all buildings, hardware, and commercial facilities intact.

The DIA has only been able to get two leads: the hallucinogen gas has almost been perfected, and the project is under the directorship of Imre Maleter, a top Hungarian biochemist.

Do the Russians know what we know?  Will the KGB get to NK-hk-4 before we do?

Join Richard Camellion, the Death Merchant, as he fights his way through Budapest, determined to get to Karolyi Castle in the Bakony Mountains, where the gas is being developed.  He's racing against the Russians, in search of the formula that could immobilize the world!

Death Merchant #22: The Kondrashev Chase

The KGB has finally gotten wise to the fact that a double agent is in its midst, and Colonel Vladimir Kondrashev - CIA code name "Steel Ball" - is that man.  So far he has been very clever, escaping from the Soviet Union before being arrested and taking with him the names of all the control agents in Europe, South America, and the United States.

The CIA is certain that "Steel Ball" is somewhere in Eastern Europe.  But where?  They know he will stay clear of American and British embassies because they are being watched by the KGB, as well as the intelligence services of other East European communist nations.  The next step?  The CIA sends the Death Merchant, Richard Camellion, to find this double defector and somehow get him into the US.

Join the Death Merchant as he battles through Europe - from East Germany to Czechoslovakia, then back to Communist Germany.  He's a one man army against the Russian KGB, the East German SSD, and the Czech SNB.  It's a deadly job, but he's done it before!